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Common Heavy-duty Axle Services

Axle Replacements

Although heavy-duty axles are designed to haul significant amounts of weight, they can still snap when overloaded. Even if you’re not above their weight limit, axles can still snap when hauling heavy loads up steep inclines or across uneven terrain. Here at Arizona Fleet Service, we have the expertise and tools to get the job done right. We’ll have you in and out of the shop faster than anyone else in the state. 

Axle Upgrades

Sometimes in order to prevent axles from snapping under heavy load, they need to be upgraded. Generally, stock axles are more than enough to handle highway hauling. However, if you’re hauling across uneven terrain like logging roads or construction sites, you may need tougher axles. Here at Arizona Fleet Service, we do aftermarket installs of all kinds. You can rest assured knowing we’ve got all your upgrade needs covered. 

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