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Electrical problems can be quite difficult to diagnose. However, we here at Arizona Fleet Services are electrical experts. Our diagnostic tools and processes are some of the best in the industry. Don’t believe us? Why not come and see for yourself? Book an appointment today.

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Common Diagnostic and Electrical Services

Component Failure

Have you ever been driving along, only to realize that something isn’t working right? Maybe your window doesn’t roll down, or your power seats don’t move anymore. Regardless of the component, an electrical fault is usually to blame. Most of the time component failure is the result of a blown fuse, but that’s not where the issue ends. Something caused that fuse to fail and may cause a replacement fuse to blow as well. Here at Arizona Fleet Service, we’ll route out the cause of the blown fuse, and fix the issue. 

Ignition System Issues

Is your car not starting? Chances are you have a battery or wiring issue. A lot of drivers with ignition system issues will notice that even if their battery is charged, their truck still won’t start. This could be due to a glow plug issue or even a simple fault in your wiring. Regardless, our technicians will diagnose the issue and get everything sorted out for you. You’ll be in and out of the shop in no time. We’ll even come to you if you’d prefer!

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