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Common Emissions Control Problems

Stuck EGR Valves

When an EGR valve gets stuck open, your heavy-duty vehicle will likely feel underpowered and experience worsened fuel economy. When your EGR valve is stuck open, the vast majority of your exhaust fumes will be recirculated back into your combustion chamber. This limits the amount of oxygen that enters the chamber and makes combustion more difficult. Common symptoms include a rough idle, failure to start, stalling, and very poor performance. 

Clogged DPF

Contrary to popular belief, your DPF’s capacity for soot collection is finite. When this capacity is reached, you may find that your heavy-duty truck performs badly, has poor fuel efficiency, and is emitting odd odors. Fortunately for anyone having this issue, we here at Arizona Fleet Services offer DPF services of all kinds. If you’re having DPF issues, we strongly recommend bringing your truck in for service. A DPF that’s clogged for prolonged periods of time may cause turbocharger issues, which tend to be a lot more expensive.

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