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Your exhaust is a vital system within any heavy-duty rig. Not only is it responsible for noise suppression, but it keeps you safe from harmful emissions and protects our natural environment. Here at Arizona Fleet Service, we offer a wide range of services for all exhaust system types.

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Symptoms of a Bad Exhaust

Loud Exhaust

If your exhaust is very loud, chances are you have an exhaust leak. Most people assume exhaust leaks are nothing but a slight annoyance, but they can actually be quite dangerous. If your exhaust is leaking close to your passenger compartment, you may be inhaling harmful fumes. This can lead to a lot of different health issues, and may even put your driving ability at risk. We highly recommend you bring your truck in for service if your exhaust is quite loud. We’ll patch it up in just a matter of moments. 


If there’s a rattling coming from underneath your heavy-duty vehicle, chances are you have loose heatshields. Heatshields are designed to protect your vehicle from the heat in your exhaust pipes. Over time your heatshields may rust and fall off, hence the rattling sound. If this issue is not addressed, your vehicle becomes at risk of fire damage due to the extreme heat. Here at Arizona Fleet Service, we’ll weld your heatshields back on and return you to the road in no time! 

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