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Heavy-duty engines are often the most important component within a heavy-duty truck setup. Without them, you’d be unable to haul cargo of any kind. Here at Arizona Fleet Service, we offer a wide variety of heavy-duty engine services. Whether you need large repairs or preventive maintenance, we’ve got you covered.

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Symptoms of a Bad Heavy-duty Engine

White Smoke 

If you notice that white smoke is coming from your exhaust, chances are you have a blown head gasket. Head gaskets tend to blow when your engine overheats for a prolonged period of time. If left unchecked, a blown head gasket may lead to further damage. White smoke is usually accompanied by coolant loss, poor performance, and poor fuel efficiency. 

Rough Idle

If your truck is idling very roughly, chances are you have a damaged EGR valve. This is especially common on Cummins engines. When an EGR valve is damaged or stuck open, all of your exhaust is being recirculated into your combustion chamber. This means your truck isn’t getting enough oxygen, hence the rough idle. 

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