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Your tires are an incredibly important part of your heavy-duty vehicle. They keep your ride smooth, and provide you with grip in even the worst of weather. Here at Arizona Fleet Service, we’ll repair and maintain your tires to lengthen their lifespan and save you money.

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Common Tire Repair Services

Tire Rotations

Over time your tire tread will wear out unevenly due to the extreme weight they hold up. Fortunately, this can be prevented by rotating your tires on a regular basis. By evening out your tire tread wear, you’re saving yourself money and lengthening your tire’s lifespan. We understand that taking your truck off the road can be a pain, but it’s definitely less of an inconvenience than unexpected flat tires. Uneven tread wear makes your tires weaker, hence the breakdown risk. 

Tire Patching

Do you have a flat tire? Well, chances are you’ve run something over and it punctured your tire. Fortunately for anyone having this issue, we here at Arizona Fleet Service provide tire patching services that can be done in a matter of minutes! That’s right, no more waiting in the shop for hours on end for a simple tire repair. 

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