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Although heavy-duty diesel engines are generally very durable, they can still break down and need repair. Whether it be due to poor preventive maintenance or factors out of your control, you can rest assured knowing we here at Arizona Fleet Service have your back.

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Tell-tale Signs That You Need Engine Repair

White smoke coming from your exhaust

If you notice that white smoke is coming from your exhaust, chances are you have a blown head gasket. Although this is a very serious problem, it’s definitely something that our technicians here at Arizona Fleet Service can fix. White smoke is generally accompanied by poor fuel efficiency, poor performance, and drastic coolant loss. Not sure if this is the issue you’re dealing with? Give us a call and we’ll go over your vehicle’s symptoms. 

Rough idle

Rough idle can be caused by a lot of different things. However, one of the more common reasons is a stuck EGR valve. Your EGR system allows some of your emissions to flow back into your combustion chamber. When that system is damaged, or in this case, has a valve stuck open, way too much of your exhaust enters your combustion chamber, therefore restricting the flow of oxygen. This, therefore, makes your engine idle roughly.

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