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Tell-tale symptoms that you need an alignment

Pulling to the right or left

If your vehicle is pulling to the right or left while trying to drive straight, chances are you need an alignment. This pulling generally happens because one of your wheels isn’t pointing the same way as the other. This misalignment usually occurs when a new part or component is installed, but it can also happen when your vehicle comes in contact with road debris. For example, if a large piece of metal falls off another heavy-duty truck and you run it over, the wheel that made contact might shift. This could also happen when coming in contact with potholes and other road bumps. 

Uneven Tread Wear

If you are noticing uneven tread wear on your heavy-duty vehicle’s tires, you might need an alignment. Pulling to the right or left is generally caused by a tire that’s pointing the wrong way, but uneven tread wear is usually caused by improper camber alignment. Camber refers to the way your tire leans to the left or right. If your tire is leaning more to the right, the right side will wear out quicker than the left. By alignment your camber, your tires will wear out evenly. 

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