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Common Bad Brakes Symptoms

Loud Brakes

Are your brakes very loud? Well, chances are your brake pads are worn down. When your calipers compress against your rotor, your pads are what bring your truck to a stop. When these pads break down, the only thing left touching your brake rotor is your metal calipers, hence the noise. If your brakes are very loud, you’ll need to bring your truck in for service right away. Loud brakes that are left alone may end up causing further damage, for brake calipers can be damaged when grinding against your metal rotors. 

Poor Braking Performance

When you hit the brakes, do you not brake as quickly as you used to? If so, you may have a problem with your air brake system. If there’s a leak in one of your airlines, less compressed air may be reaching your calipers, which results in less braking power. This can be very dangerous for a truck without brakes is one which can cause catastrophic damage. 

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