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Coolant systems are an incredibly important part of every heavy-duty vehicle. Here at Arizona Fleet Service, we offer coolant system repairs and maintenance of all kinds. Whether you need a basic coolant flush or a brand new water pump, our technicians have you covered.

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Common Coolant System Services

Coolant Flushes

Did you know that engine coolant breaks down over time? Your coolant is designed to absorb heat from your engine and disperse it through your radiator. Due to the extreme heat your coolant is exposed to regularly, your coolant eventually loses its ability to absorb this heat. This makes your engine run hotter and less efficiently. Here at Arizona Fleet Service, we’ll flush your engine’s coolant and introduce new liquid into your system. 

Water Pump Replacements

Your water pump is responsible for circulating coolant throughout your engine and radiator. If your water pump malfunctions, the coolant no longer flows, which leads to an overheating engine. Here at Arizona Fleet Services, have the equipment and expertise necessary to replace or repair any and all water pumps. Whether you drive a large semi-truck or a heavy-duty diesel dually, you can rest assured knowing Arizona Fleet Service has you covered. 

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