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Your transmission is a series of gears that optimizes the power from your transmission. Here at Arizona Fleet Services, we have a wide array of repair and maintenance services that are sure to benefit all heavy-duty transmission types. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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Tell-tale Symptoms of a Transmission in Need of Repair

Difficulty Shifting Gears

If you are having trouble shifting gears, chances are your shift motor needs to be repaired. Unlike older trucks, when you move your gear shifter, you’re not directly connected to your transmission. Instead, that shifter is connected to a shift motor, which does the work for you. If this motor malfunctions, shifting gears can become quite difficult. Fortunately for anyone having this issue, our technicians here at Arizona Fleet Repair are more than capable of repairing or replacing heavy-duty shift motors. 

Missing Gear

If you shift into a gear, but your vehicle acts as though it is in neutral, chances are you’ve lost that gear. Losing a gear means the teeth that connect the gear to others have worn down to a point where they cannot be used anymore. This is generally a bad sign, for your gears should not experience any wear and tear whatsoever. This issue is generally caused by bad transmission fluid or a transmission that’s constantly under heavy load. 

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