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Do you have metal components that need to be repaired? Is your frame rusted out? Maybe you have cargo mounts that need to be installed? Regardless of your need, you can rest assured knowing Arizona Fleet Service has fantastic welding and fabrication services.

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Common Welding and Fabrication Services

Custom Brackets

Would you like us to build you custom brackets? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you need new suspension mounts, cargo brackets, or even new frame cross-members, we will custom fabricate anything you need. Finding custom parts to fit your truck can be very difficult. Why not call us instead? We won’t go looking for parts that will fit, we’ll build them from scratch! That means you can be as specific as you want! 

Exhaust Leak Patching

Since your exhaust sits quite low, it’s not uncommon for rust to build up on your exhaust’s surface. Over time, if that rust leads to an exhaust leak, we strongly recommend getting it patched. At Arizona Fleet Service, we’ll patch up the peak before you know it. We’ll cut out the old metal and weld in new material! Call today to book an appointment. 

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