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Your drivetrain is a complex system of driveshafts, differentials, axles, and of course, a transmission. Here at Arizona Fleet Service, we’ll perform maintenance and repair on any and all drivetrain types. Whether you need basic maintenance or large-scale repair, we’ve got you covered.

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Types of Differentials

Open Differential

Open differentials are some of the most common differential types in heavy-duty vehicles. They work by allowing power to follow the path of least resistance. This is important because your wheels spin at different speeds when turning. However, it’s not the greatest differential choice for rough terrain. You may end up stuck if one of your wheels has no traction, for the wheel with the least traction gets the most power. 

Limited Slip Differential

Limited slip differentials use a variety of methods to stop all of the power from going to the wheel with the least resistance. Sometimes they use brake sensors, whereas others use mechanical methods. Limited slip differentials allow for power to go both ways, but doesn’t lock 50 percent to each wheel. 

Locking Differential

Locking differentials oppose the path of least resistance. They ensure both wheels get 50 percent of the power. Typically these differentials need to be engaged, whereas limited slip differentials are always activated. 

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