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Your suspension is a critical component with respect to carrying your cargo, providing a smooth ride, and keeping you and everyone else safe on the road. Here at Arizona Fleet Service, we provide a wide variety of repair and maintenance services.

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Tell-tale Symptoms of a Truck Suspension In Need of Repair

Very Rough Ride

If your ride quality is very rough, chances are you have worn-out shock absorbers or bushings. Shocks are responsible for absorbing road vibrations and impacts. For example, if you hit a pothole, your shocks will take the vast majority of the impact in order to protect you and your vehicle. Bushings on the other hand are designed to protect your vehicle’s various parts. Bushings absorb vibrations and act as a sacrificial part of sorts. If you notice your vehicle is riding rough, your bushings will also likely need replacement. 

Sagging or Squatting

If your vehicle is sagging or squatting under a heavy load, chances are your airbags or leaf springs need to be repaired. Over time springs can lose their ability to hold up heavy weights, hence the sagging and squatting. Sometimes it's due to old age and use, whereas other times it's due to road debris or corrosion. Airbags on the other hand can leak due to dry rot and exposure to the elements. 

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